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To the reluctance of the American people, you are the President of the United States! Play as the Hocus PotUS to defend your American dream from a growing liberal horde. Send out tweets to crush the hopes of your enemies. Collect their tax dollars and use them to build a wall. Turn back the clock of progress and make America great again!

** The game is currently in an alpha build and is in very early access. **

There is an indefinite review, streaming, and recording embargo in effect until significant progress is made.

Please refrain from these activities with Hocus PotUS until notified that the embargo has been lifted. You may share the link to this page, describe the game, and take/share screenshots, but you must explicitly disclaim that the game is in an alpha state and still in early access.

Thanks for playing, and thanks for sharing!

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Changes as of v0.1.1

  • refactored player attacks to look like twitter birds
  • changed some other effects to match the new player attack sprites
  • increased player attack movement speed
  • enabled "it" (aka poop) to be movable with the claw
  • updated some instruction screens, fixed typos
  • disabled hidden developer controls
  • updated the introductory game text
  • added audio controls, one for soundFX and one for music
  • added pause control to UI

Known Issues as of v0.1.1

  • The game is unbalanced; basically it gets gradually harder until about 8 to 10 minutes in, where you won't be able to keep up and will eventually lose. More powerful and cooldown-based abilities have not yet been added, but they are planned.
  • Enemy sprites are very basic, and probably even a little offensive in some cases. These are meant as placeholders until later, where I will most likely increase their resolution, more clearly define what visually represents each enemy class (held items or specific accessories), and then add variety to sprites using a composite design (different clothing colors, skin tones, and hair styles).
  • Music is very basic and repetitive, and the soundFX need work. These are mostly placeholders that I put together for my own sanity.
  • an elusive crash involving activists and walls


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